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Posted by Mohamed Anas Akkad on

Fitness is all the rage with people being more conscious of their health than ever before. Some begin exercising to lose weight and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases. Others do it because they want to be productive at work and still have energy for their family. Everyone wants to look good and feel great about themselves. However, fitness is a long game with results that trickle in over months and years. It can feel that you aren’t making progress without clear and immediate visible results. Using a fitness tracker can turn the journey into a game with data captured every day, motivating you to keep at it. Fitness trackers for women are selling fast with the most successful models having the following attributes:


Women generally have smaller wrists than men and this can affect their comfort when wearing devices. If the straps are too long, then the tracker won’t be able to sit still. Everything will move around while people are walking instead of staying snug against the skin. This will make it impossible to get reliable heartrate readings and step counts. It will also be distracting and uncomfortable for the wearers. This can also be a problem among children who want to get started on fitness early, as well as individuals of short stature.


The fitness tracker needs to appeal to the target market. If models are aimed at women, then they would have to see what women want at the moment. Companies can’t just put out a pink version and call it a day. Since the trackers are supposed to be worn 24/7, they should look like they belong with daily outfits such as work clothes. That is, they should have a sleek and stylish design that won’t seem out of place in an office or a client meeting.


As for the Fitness trackers for women, women want the typical data such as sleep duration, step count, sedentary period, and heart rate fluctuations. Some are also able to distinguish stair steps, deep sleep, and blood oxygen readings. These are all things that men also want and use. Smartphones that track fitness may even have advanced features such as GPS for getting distance when running, cycling, swimming, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Women may want extra features such as period, mood, and fertility tracking for their reproductive health. These can help them spot issues quickly.

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