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Otoscope Ear Camera 5MP HD Ear Wax Removal Kit

£79.99 £99.99

  • Safe and Clear - 1920P HD Mini lens with 5MP sharpening camera sensor, which makes it easy to access the ear canal to get clear pictures and videos. The 3mm diameter is in line with the ear structure, and safety accessories to protect your ear canal!
  • Easy to Use - This wifi otoscope can be easily handled with just 4 steps, the otoscope compatible with iOS, Android, or iPad. You can scan the QR code of the manual or download the "Timesiso" App and turn on the otoscope and mobile WIFI and connect to "Timesiso-P40-xxxx" open the App and click Start to get a clear picture. (If you can’t connect to WIFI, check if the otoscope is low on battery)
  • Professional and Portable - This Earwax removal Tool kit features a transparent optical refraction design with 6 adjustable led lights that provide clear and bright images no matter how dark the ear is. IP67 Waterproof design can be wiped with water or alcohol, clean and sanitary.
  • Multipurpose - Not only used to remove earwax but also used to observed other parts of the body. It's suitable for adults, children. In addition, we provide you with a 7pcs stainless steel earwax cleaner kit for free that can be used independently. With a 1.5-2 cm focal length.
  • (Note: the best camera focal length is 1.5-2cm)
  • Safe and Comfortable - Professional design, using a built-in intelligent temperature control chip, can effectively control the temperature of the lens, so that your ears are free from the danger of burns. Children need to use the otoscope when accompanied by an adult.