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40 Packs of Vegetables Seeds Organic Fresh Plants Seeds

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  • The Package Contain 40 varieties Organic Vegetables.
  • Heart of cabbage, Bunching Onion,Tomato 200pcs,Spinach, Leek ,White Gourd ,Amaranth ,Carrot ,Okra,Fennel,Chinese Little Greens, Bitter Gourd,Chicory ,Radish Leaf, Blackeyed-pea,Malabar Spinach ,Milk Cabbage ,Pumpkin,Cucumber ,Lettuce ,Brassica Campestris ,Celery ,Corn,Green Grocery , Cherry Tomato,Green Cherry Radish ,Cherry Radish,Luffa ,
  • Green Cabbage,Kohlrabi,Crown Daisy ,Asparagus ,Long Pepper ,Caraway,Chive,Pod Pepper,Leaf Lettuce,Long Bean ,Chinese Cabbage,Pepper Please note that all seedlings require considerable amount of light and warmth to germinate.
  • Germination may take place within 7-15 days, depending upon different varieties. Once the seeds grow into seedlings approximately around 3 inches, they can be transplanted to pots or desired areas.
  • All My Seeds Are 100% Fresh And Processed With The Highest Quality & Care.