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Smart Band Fitness Tracker + Bluetooth Earphone

£99.90 £129.99

  • Best affordable smart watch, super comfortable on the wrists and easy to set up and use. It can answer any call, read text messages, track the sleep, steps and more. Can’t wait to take it out to more adventures. It’s promoting to go outside and do more steps throughout the day!
  • The blood pressure and heart rate is pretty accurate. Love the way the bluetooth disconnects when put back in the bracelet and reconnect automatically when put back in. You can also manually turn the bluetooth on or off from the ear piece.
  • It was easy to sync to the phone and Battery lasts quite a long time, It also charges quickly and the talk bands makes it easy to receive text messages, emails and smart notifications right on the wrist.
  • It's also easy to pick up and answer any calls when driving and Avoid answering phone calls with the phone.The app functions is well.
  • This little device can help you live a healthier life. keep track of your steps, The sleep monitor is useful in helping be mindful about getting enough z's