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3 in 1 DIY Pulley Cable System

Get And Stay In Shape Anywhere And Anytime

Accelerate your fitness results by using our extra-strong resistance bands. Grow and strengthen your upper body, legs, abs, back, or arms by just working out at home or on the road. Only 10 minutes per day will transform your body and keep you in shape!

Gain Muscle

Lose Weight

Increase Strength

Man, woman, professional athlete or beginner

Home gym pulley cable system can be installed anywhere you want as power rack, pull up bars or beams. Just add weight plates, connect with the pulley cable and finish! Providing great versatility for your home gyms, personal training studios, physical therapy centers and various workout environments. Our fitness lat pulley system set is about 5.6 pounds, so you can take and use it anywhere (at home, bedroom, garage, gym, park, etc.).

Our Pulley Cable System set includes:

  • 15.6" Short Lat Bar
  • 26" Heavy Duty Tricep Rope
  • 2 Heavy Duty Exercise Handles (with 27" line) 

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Why Choose Us?

Our Brand

  • 360°rotate to ensure stable and quiet pulley
  • Pulley cable made of high-strength PU material & steel wire
  • Withstands strong friction and  not easy to break
  • Max weight loads up to 220LBS

Other Brands

  • Very loose and rusty connection
  • Cheap materials
  • Breaks very easily
  • 100 lbs Max resistance weight

Multiple functional exercise methods such as Pull-down/Back Pull-down/Lift/Horizontal stretch, etc... It is perfect for training your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back, such as Biceps Curl, Triceps Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Row, Fly.


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Pulley Cable Machine Attachment System, 3 IN 1 DIY Fitness Home Cable


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