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General Use Disposable Face Mask

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  • 100 Face masks, non medical face masks for use by general public recommended by World Health Organisation to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Disposable Fluid Repellent Mask: provides barrier protection against respiratory droplets/splashes. Bacterial filtration efficiency rate: ≥95% protects from cross contamination and pollutants.
  • Anatomically Designed Mask: breathable, skin-friendly, lightweight & comfortable. Elasticated pull over ear loops for optimum fit and concealed adjustable nose band for finest fit & protection. Premium Quality civilian masks non medical grade disposable face mask, for the greater public to use in social settings.
  • Materials: Made of non-woven fabric with 3 layers, these face masks are soft and breathable, providing effective protection. Environmentally friendly material, moisture-proof. Helps prevent cross contamination and protects the user from inhaling fine particles. The 3 Ply mask consists of a fluid resistant outer layer Melt Blown Polypropylene filter layer high with BFE and PFE and finally a comfortable, soft, non-irritating layer to avoid itching and scratching.
  • Government Guidance: It is now compulsory for members of the public to wear face coverings on public transport in England. Wearing a face mask can help reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Package contains  3 Ply Mask & Hand Sanitiser Gel 100ml