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Natural Joint and Muscle Therapy Gel

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  • ✔️USING NATURAL INGREDIENTS, NATURAL MUSCLE AND JOINT SOOTHING RELIEF FORMULA, using mother natures ingredients to help tired muscles and joints. Uniquely formulated to care for muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, IDEAL FOR USE BEFORE AND AFTER EXERCISE. This Natural formula, contains no parabens, mineral oils it is easily absorbed and has a pleasant natural fragrance
  • ✔️TAKE THE NATURAL APPROACH AND SOOTHE MUSCLES AND JOINTS.With High Levels Of Active Plant Ingredients e.g Menthol, Plant Extracts, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Shea Butter Can be useful maintain healthy muscles and joints, ..HELPING YOU IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE
  • ✔️000'S OF SATISFIED SOOTHED CUSTOMERS HAVE USED THIS UNIQUE TRIED AND TESTED FORMULATION-The 5KIND Natural Joint and Muscle Therapy Gel, is penetrating to ease joints and muscles, giving an immediate cooling and soothing sensation, whilst the shea butter moisturizes the skin.It is NON-GREASY AND IS EASILY ABSORBED, HAS A FRESH AND PLEASANT ROSEMARY AROMA, WHILST BEING PARABEN AND MINERAL OIL FREE
  • ✔️THIS NATURAL FORMULA maintains healthy joints and muscles. SOOTHING TIRED JOINTS AND MUSCLES, initially cooling
  • ✔️ FULLY APPROVED DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED FORMULA-using fully approved and safe ingredients and meeting all European standards ideal for sensitive skin