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Nylon Braided Type C Fast Charger USB Cable 2A Faster Charging Data Sync Extra Long USB-C 2 Metre (6ft) Red

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USB C Charging Cable - Black The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller charging cable is great for charging & data transfer Compatible with all USB Type C Devices Faster Smart 2.1A Charging Higher Grade Copper Nylon Braided Tangle Free Extra Strength Reinforced Neck Joints for extra longevity Metal Aluminium Connectors Black Plated Lightning Pins for zero interference during use Higher Grade Copper Not all Nintendo Switch Pro controller charging cables are the same. Our inner copper core is more pure and thicker than your average cable, measuring at 22 AWG thickness this means this will charge your Nintendo Switch Pro controller faster and will transfer data faster too compared to cheap alternatives. Tangle Free Nylon One of the most common problems with Nintendo Switch Pro controller charging cables is that after some time, the dirt and grease on the cables cause them to tangle and this tangling means over time the copper becomes damaged causing the wire to not work or only work when in specific positions. Ring a bell? Well, our nylon braided black 1M Nintendo Switch Pro Controller charging cables are tangle free due to the special nylon material used. Not only is it tangle free but is also stronger and longer lasting than the average plastic material used on other cables. Reinforced Neck Joints Ever had your black 1M Nintendo Switch Pro Controller charging cable bend at the joint or worse yet, come completely off? Well, that's due to the cheap material used on the connector which over time becomes damaged due to the number of times the charger has been inserted and pulled out and so the connector either stops charging or will charge when bent into a certain position. Our solution? Reinforced neck joints to give our cables an average bend span of 5000 compared to the average market 1000. This means our cables will last 5 times longer on average compared to others. All that pulling and inserting the connector is going to put pressure on the joint so this really increases the longevity of the cable. Metal Aluminium Connectors Aluminium coated connectors offer a luxurious feel and a high-end finish to our charging leads giving them that extra touch of quality. Compatibility Whether you are charging your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller during play or when you have finished your gaming session be confident that the black 1M Nintendo Switch Pro Controller charging cable will make sure your gameplay will not be hindered by a flat battery. The cable is also compatible with all USB Type C devices for charging and data transfer.