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Orthopaedic Pelvic Pillow - Soft Memory Foam Cushion for Legs Helps Pelvic Area Legs Hips and Spine Correct Sleep Posture

£49.99 £49.99

  • BEST DIRECT Leg Pillow: the leg cushion with memory foam and ergonomic design to maintain correct posture in legs, hips and spine. Correct alignment will facilitate blood circulation during sleep and prevent pain.
  • It is a tested medical device, made of 100% polyurethane memory foam (the cushion) and 60% polyester 40% lyocell (the cover). High quality materials that keep your comfort for extended time. Unlike many pillows on the market, it does not flatten over time.
  • The right method to relieve back, hip, knee, ankle and pelvic pain. Place the pillow between your legs or under your knees to maintain a correct position during sleep. Knee support, nerve pressure relief and better blood circulation.
  • The ventilation holes inside the memory foam, facilitate the circulation of air during the night. It is also easy to wash.
  • Measures: 10.6x9.5x5inches / Weight: 320g