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Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Tencel Fibers

£49.99 £79.99

  • SUPERIOR NECK AND HEAD SUPPORT. While other memory foam pillows are too hard, too soft or simply don’t offer much support, our pillow has cervical contour that gives proven, firm support. Let our pillow embrace you. The pillow size: 61x34x12/9cm.
  • ANNOUNCING THE FIRST PILLOW THAT WILL PERFECTLY SUIT ANY SLEEPER. No more pinched nerves: Our pillow has a revolutionary ergonomic design with an armrest. Avoid shoulder slouching and reduce tossing and turning, promoting a sounder sleep in any position.
  • WAKE UP ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF BED. Our premium quality slow-rebound memory foam gives you natural spinal alignment, distributing your weight evenly. Eliminate pressure on your pressure points completely, and breathe easier with our anti-snore effect.
  • COOL, SOFT & DRY. You won’t wake up during the night because of sweats anymore. The pillowcase is made from hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant soft Tencel fibres. With its high absorption capacity and a cooling effect, you will fall asleep in no time.