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Personal Mini Portable Blender 450ML

£29.99 £29.99

  • High-Quality Materials - The USB blender is made of high borosilicate glass material and stainless steel, it will protects your health and allows you to use it with confidence. And the mixer is composed of 3 parts, which can be separated, easy to clean and save your time.
  • Powerful - The juicer is equipped with six blades and is made of standard 304 stainless steel. The maximum motor speed can reach 16500rpm. The power is enough to grind it into powder in a few seconds. It is faster and smoother than other juicers. Stir thoroughly. Allows you to better enjoy delicious and nutritious drinks.
  • LED Display - The mini juicer has a digital display that shows each operation time so that you can accurately understand its working principle and when to charge on time.
  • Intelligent Protection - The portable USB rechargeable juicer has an intelligent safety program to prevent your misuse; built-in mechanical safety device, with overcharge and battery overheating protection, thereby extending the battery life, all operations are for Designed for safety.
  • Easy to Use - Just cut the food into small pieces about 1 cm, then put it in a cup, the maximum can not exceed the maximum line, add water or milk according to your preferences, long press to start working, shake up and down to make the food and The blade is in full contact. Moreover, the mini blender can be charged by the power supply, car charger and other power devices with USB ports, which is convenient for you to use anytime and anywhere.