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Pilates bar kit with resistance band

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  • Carry-on gym - The multi-functional Pilates stick is known as the "carry-on gym". It has similar functions as barbells, tensioners, twist machines, rowing machines and other fitness equipment, fully exerting its role, Can effectively exercise the whole body muscles
  • Durable - Pilates rods are made of high-quality latex elastic rope, which has strong resilience and is not easy to deform after repeated stretching; the outside is high-quality foam, environmentally friendly and has no odor, comfortable feel, non-slip; thick stainless steel tube, stronger load-bearing capacity, more durable
  • Exercise muscles in multiple parts - squat using Pilates bar can exercise the hips, back and arms, twist the waist to thin the waist and exercise the abdominal muscles; the pull rope can exercise the arms and legs, and can also be used as yoga Assist, exercise balance
  • Portable design - Pilates bar is a detachable and portable design. It is simple to store and does not occupy space. It can exercise at home and is convenient to carry. It is suitable for many occasions and allows you to exercise anytime, anywhere
  • Simple to use - Whether you are a novice or a fitness master, you can easily use it. Exercise for an hour every day, let you lose fat, have a perfect body, your partner will marvel at your transformation