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Best Drone for Beginners

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  •  FPV Real-Time Transmission: FPV live stream function relives what drone captures with its camera back to your phone in the first-person view. Vivid and crisp footage and videos are there for you to explore the views you may miss.
  • Drone with 720P HD Camera: Integrated with the advanced 720P HD camera, the drone easily captures stunning footage, incredible images, smooth and crisp videos.
  • Easy to Fly SNAPTAIN S5C: the drone is an awesome drone comes with a whole heap of extra functions and features for a newbie. Simply press one button and it will take off, land or return to your command. Smart voice control, headless mode, and the fascinating 360°Flips & Rolls come handy even for a newbie. Extremely easy to fly.
  • ✈ Fun to Play: Steady altitude hold is a simple yet extremely useful mechanism which assures a steady hover in the air, maintaining a certain altitude, taking perfect aerial shots and amazing video recording without shakiness. Trajectory Flight is a brand new technology for a surprise: simply draw a flight route on the mobile screen and the S5C drone will move in appointed direction accordingly in a magic way. Gravity control makes you addicted to the drone. Pure and excessive fun awaits.
  • ✈ Full Protection: Fly with no worry thanks to the astonishingly durable & flexible material. High elastic material enables the drone to endure the bumps and ups. Smart low battery alarm and the one key return prevents the drone from any unexpected lost.