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Sheba Select Slices in Gravy

£14.99 £14.99

  • Wet Cat Food Pouches for Adult Cats, 40 x 85 g Pack, Poultry Selection
  • A deluxe medley of tender pieces in a delicious cat food gravy.
  • Exceptional pet food to keep your feline friend pawing at your feet for more. Available in convenient Sheba 85g & large bulk pack 40 x 85g of individual pouches recyclable cat food trays.
  • All ingredients are fully traceable. High quality adult Sheba wet cat food in gravy provides complete and balanced everyday meals for your feline companion
  • Sheba wet cat food is made with no fillers. This ensures that your cat is getting the nutrients they need and nothing they don't
  • This delicious wet cat food recipe will become a familiar favourite and provide a variety of tastes & textures your cat is bound to adore