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Skandik 20L Digital Microwave Oven 5 Settings Defrost & Cancel Control

£124.99 £125.99

TAILOR YOUR COOKING EXPERIENCE - Use any of the 5 power settings to perfectly heat any food - The defrost feature allows you to cook from frozen

QUICK & CONVENIENT - Heat through your favourite meal, snack or beverage in no time with the microwave's impressive 800W power capabilities

20L CAPACITY - The Skandik microwave comes with a 20L capacity enabling it to comfortably fit a standard sized dinner plate or dish - Ideal for reheating meals

END SIGNAL - A beep noise alerts you when your food is ready to be taken out of the microwave - The digital timer setting can be set for up to 60 minutes

STAY CLEAN & TIDY - The microwave is designed for easy cleaning - The 245mm glass turntable tray can be removed, wiped down and reinserted

This stylish Skandik digital microwave oven is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Easily tailor your cooking experience by using any of the five power settings to heat your food to perfection every time. It's also easy to clean - the glass turntable can be removed, washed and reinserted.