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The R1

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  • Foldable Design: The R1 can be folded 180 degrees and stored vertically, saving you 90% more space than other treadmills. The R1 is equipped with handrails and rollers making it super easy to move around to your desired place.
  • Upright storage, more space-saving: The R1 supports upright placement, thickness of only 15 cm, covers an area of less than 0.2 square meters, through the bottom of the mobile wheel, can be placed in a small corner of the home, saving space.

  • Clever design, one machine and two-use: R1 has two unique styling designs, the regular form belongs to the treadmill, for users to meet the daily running needs. By placing the armrests down, you can turn them into more space-saving walkers, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios.
  • Foot sense control speed, speed change freely: The pressure sensor at the bottom monitors the movement area of the movement in real time, adjusts the treadmill's speed in an instant light based on the movement's variable speed intent and responds quickly.

  • Return to running, focus on training: Running mode can be switched on when the armrest is upright, with a speed limit of 10km/h, only M mode, via remote control.

  • Comfortable sports, the whole family: Walking mode can be switched on when the armrest is lowered, with a speed limit of 6km/h, and both M and A sports modes can be used to meet the walking needs of the whole family.

  • One-body skeleton, rest assured to walk and let go of running: The R1 uses an integrated aluminum alloy as a skeleton structure, the overall stability and durability are significantly improved, but the seemingly slim shape is more durable and more robust.

  • Noise Free, Comfortable Fitness Experience: With the wear-resistant anti-slip walking belt, and the noise-reduction multilayer structure, you can walk or jog comfortably at home or office, without disturbing the work, entertainment or rest of families, neighbours, colleagues or even yourself.
  • Multiple Security Protection and Visualized Walking Data:With the child lock protection, overload protection, auto standby, and novice speed limit functions, you can rest assured to use this WalkingPad. By connecting with the WalkingPad APP or through the LED light on the dashboard, you can see the data for each walk, and quantify and urge you to exercise.
  • New way of office, not sedentary: Take the armrest down and you'll get R1's walking pattern, put it under your desk, and improve the sedentary status of daily ambush work.

  • Brushless motor, locking noise to release power: Equipped with a new brushless motor, the ability to suppress noise during movement is stronger, significantly improving the load-bearing capacity of the walker, and passing long-running tests, durability and stability have been improved.

  • Comfortable foot feel, derived from layer selection: To enhance the feel of the feet when running, we have done a good enough sports platform to wear a hard-wearing, non-slip running belt, a EVA soft layer with a slow-retarding effect, a smooth layer with low coefficient of friction, and a rugged, high-density fiberboard that gives the R1 an excellent running experience.

  • Connected motion APP, just follow the practice: R1 can be connected to KS Fit's exclusive APP, which can handle R1 from a mobile phone, and can guide daily training according to the exclusive sports program and participate in regular sports competitions.

  • Three ways, simple manipulation: R1 in walk mode, support three control modes, M fixed speed mode can be controlled by remote control, A automatic mode (only support walk mode) according to the position of the movement can be adjusted speed, in addition to the KS Fit APP mode selection and function operation.

  • Exquisite remote control, grip comfort: Seemingly simple shape of the remote control, we have been through hundreds of times the hand mold optimization, to get today's exquisite simple shape, with the soft lanyard clever combination, long-term adjustment is not easy to fall off the hand.

  • Powerful APP, easy to handle at hand: The R1 can be functionally operated via KS Fit, including mode switching, start-up, acceleration, deceleration, stop and other functions.

  • True peace of mind, is the peace of mind all the time: Let users use peace of mind, the whole family peace of mind is our mission, we will be every detail has been repeatedly verified, so that every user can quickly familiar, simpler and more secure

The R1 treadmill is perfect for home use.

R1 can be stored vertically, and only take up 0.2 m ³ 

PRODUCT DIMENSION 1500x720x90mm (L x W x H)
MAX LOAD 110kg
SPEED 0.5-10 km/h Quick Speed Controls
INCLINE No incline
WALKING AREA 1200x440mm
FOLDED SIZE 980x720x155mm
MORE INFORMATION App Linkage, Phone Holder