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Vegetable Seeds for Gardening

£21.99 £21.99

  • 🍅 SEEDS FOR GARDENING VEGETABLES : Heirloom seeds, NON-GMO and pesticide-free. The kit includes Cucumber Seeds, Onion Seeds, Broccoli Seeds, Lettuce Seeds, Chilli Seeds, Radish Seeds, Carrot Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Spring Onion Seeds, Spinach Seeds, Kale Seeds, Bean Seeds, Zucchini Seeds, Cauliflower Seeds.
  • 🥒 EASY TO GROW: All growing kits contain special instruction which make it easy for you to grow your own vegetables in a garden, on the balcony, in pots, a patio or a raised bed!
  • 🥕 HIGH QUALITY SELECTION: a carefully selected and coordinated mixture for vegetable cultivation. It offers traditional and unusual varieties.
  • 🌶️ SEEDS FOR GARDENING VEGETABLES UK: grow your own plants with our amazing Vegetable Seeds Kit. It is lovingly designed and put together with the greatest care to assure your growing success and healthy nutrition. It is an ideal gift for Kids, Men and Gardeners.
  • 🥦 Open your own plant theatre with these premier seeds made for Gardeners who want something special and healthy.